Recent experience

sand shifting


2008 – 2009                                        Russia

Project management and fund raising for the upgrade of two existing port facilities – container, Ro-Ro and general cargo.

The terminal was basically a single berth, but with no quay wall, and unloading was done with the use of a floating crane.

The development required the reclamation of the left hand berth in the artist’s visualization, using sand from a Cold War anti torpedo defence sandbank, which amounted some 5 or 6 hectares. Then the quay walls, the hard standing and administrative buildings were to be built, and the whole terminal then connected to a nearby railhead and urban motorway.

The scope of work carried out was to project manage the entire project from drafting the design brief, raising the necessary debt finance, and through to managing local contractors to do the work having undertaken the normal tender procedures.

Size of Project:  US$400m


2010 – Ongoing                 Nigeria

Project Management and fund raising for the development of an Offshore Supply Base and associated industrial facilities.

This project in SE Nigeria requires the reclamation of 375 hectares of river bank, using sand taken from the nearby river banks.

The scope of work, as “Strategic Business Advisors” to the client, includes:

Conceptual design of the facility

  • Advising on the corporate structure for the project
  • Preparation of the project’s business plan and financial model
  • Preparation of the design brief
  • Prequalification and tendering process for the engineering design contract
  • Appointment of “sand search” contractor
  • Prequalification and tendering process for land clearance contract
  • Preliminary negotiation of reclamation contract (10 million cubic metres)
  • Co-ordination of the water and power supply to the project from third parties
  • Raising of debt and equity finance for the project
  • Appointment of project lawyers and accountants
  • Initial recommendations on site security leading to appointment of suitable consultant(s)
  • Marketing of the project to potential concessionaires and end users
  • Overall project management.

Size of Project:  US500m

2016                        Nigeria

Feasibility Study for a new port facility for a private client.