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Port Evolution and Development (PED) is a company specialising in the development and enhancement of port facilities worldwide. It is especially active in container and bulk cargo terminals, but is currently project managing a major offshore supply base.

The world’s sea trade is undergoing significant change as vessels, capable of carrying 18,000 TEUs, come into service, requiring ever deeper drafts, which, in the process have added a new word to the lexicon – “Malaccamax”, referring to the largest vessel that can pass through the Malacca Straights. These vessels will have roughly a 20 metre draft, and only very few ports have the capability of handling these vessels. Those ports that can adapt and handle these vessels will have significant competitive advantage in the foreseeable future. Those that do not will find themselves by-passed and only able to attract local traffic.

PED can assist ports in meeting the challenges caused by such fundamental changes to the dynamics of shipping, especially as the global economy enters a period of much slower economic growth. But ports are not just facing the prospect of handling larger and larger vessels, they are facing increasingly stringent regulatory and environmental requirements for not only their own activities, but they have to be able to provide the means by which the shipping companies meet theirs as well. Environmental requirements, such as Marcol 73/78 and EU Directive 59/2000, are now being adopted globally and which imposed significant responsibilities onto the ports.

Thus ports are increasingly meeting these requirements by adopting ISO 14001, in addition to ISO 9000. Again PED can assist ports in implementing and/or meeting the requirements of ISO 14001.

Individually members of the PED team have been in senior project roles in LNG and other petrochem facilities when working for other companies. Thus the PED team has the capacity and experience to project manage any type of port facility.

Geographically PED is predominantly active in the emerging markets of Africa and Asia, though the team have undertaken the project management and fund raising for a container terminal project in Russia.

Apart from project management, work that PED will undertake includes:

Site Appraisals

Master Plan Studies & Port Planning

Feasibility & Development Studies

Due Diligence

Expert Witness

Institutional Studies & Implementation

Market Assessment & Traffic Forecasting

Plant & Equipment Selection

Port Operations & Management Studies

Private Sector Funding of Port Developments

Renewable & Offshore Energy

Terminal Audits